Welcome Everyone to the Crypto-Currencies Open your free Accounts links Webpage :)

I bring this forth in honor of Connor Reidhead…


In honor of Connor- New Update: All Artist can now open their own free accounts on blockchain

Soundac- A Proven Platform For Autonomous Royalty Payments

PeerTracks- Free Music Streaming

The Bible of Crypto-Currency Markets-


New technology and best long term option with track record of integrity, independence and security-

Create free account with me: OpenLedger wallet model

Create free account independently: OpenLedger wallet model

Create free online wallet (new technology): OpenLedger online account model

Make contact via web with all your family and friends…: Steemit


Is this the future of online wallets and asset exchanges…

Create your free account: HEAT wallet


I would open an account here:

Kraken is best option for USD USA bank deposits:

My Contact info:


This URL/domain is named in honor of Lavoy Finicum and the sacrifice he made in Oregon (Murdered by Oregon State Police/FBI on Jan 26, 2016)…

Connor Reidhead Lives!

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